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Mile High New Playwrights Fringe

I’m sure some of you have heard that I put in a deck, a stage essentially, as an addition to my home in Lake of the Woods. We even had some out-of-town producers bring in a new play, “Wee 3 Kings,” last year that had one performance, basically breaking the champagne and launching the new venue.

It was like being released from over a year in jail, if you know what I mean.

Around that performance we rolled the piano out on another deck and did a full day open mike. To say it was fun is about as understated as you could say it. For me it was a dream come true because for family reasons I’m not really able to travel, so I wanted to bring the world to me, and the world really showed up!

This year, the same producers are bringing something similar but larger, featuring at least 3 new works and adding in some other entertainments that will include music, dance, standup, storytelling, environmental pieces, you name it.

This will all come down on Labor Day week, from about August 31st till September 5th. You could consider this the official save the date announcement for that and I certainly hope that many of you will come over for some entertainment.

The production team is still working out all the moving parts, but it will involve some very accomplished talent mixing in with some new talent. AND, most importantly, local talent.

One thing I told them is that the program would really benefit from at least one local piece and local actors, musicians, etc. So, this is a shout out for that. If you fit into one of those artistic categories of writer or performer, I would love to hear from you and share that with this team.

Just as importantly, if you can help in any of the design disciplines or want to intern or lend a hand in any way, that would be fantastic.

The easiest way to reach me is through email with the form below And if you are on Facebook look for Mile High Theater and like it and you’ll get regular updates or visit here.

Finally, that stage is sitting there, and the weather should be kind all summer. If you have a gathering or performance idea, let me know.



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